We create books to help children believe in themselves.

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Positive, life building messages are the bricks and mortar of everything we create at Green Cup Publishing.

You are amazing!

I have the inherent belief that every one of us has something really special to offer in this world. It took me fifteen years of adult life to undo my distorted childhood beliefs to a stage where I could begin to live this belief for myself.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone grew up already knowing how special, incredible and powerful they are?


Out now – “Am I a Chameleon?”

“A beautiful children’s picture book about being shy and finding out who you are! Wish I had a book like this when I was little!”

"Am I a Chameleon?" being shy, fitting in, finding out who you are

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The motivation behind writing children’s books was the idea that I could share my experiences of Life in a fun, short story that anyone could enjoy and hopefully grasp the concepts contained within. I used to imagine how things would be if I had been able to understand these things as child.

Life’s lessons can only be learned when we each are ready – I am hoping my books may plant the seed of these lessons for readers to explore in their own time and way.

The Katie-Jane books each have a theme – an area of life which is explored through a fun story containing a strong message.