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You may be quiet, shy, anxious or introverted, and you may have been conditioned to think that's a bad thing, but I want you to remember that it's not.
Not only is it okay to be this way, it's awesome to be this way.
Us quiet folk have a huge amount to offer, but sometimes we get lost beneath all of the noise. Sometimes we'd prefer to hide away and regenerate for a while, and that's not only okay but very, very necessary.
Sometimes people misinterpret our quiet ways, thinking that we are unfriendly, antisocial or weird - but we're not. We're just not like those people who think those things. And that's okay.
We're actually hugely talented people. We are creative, intuitive, big thinkers. We are intelligent, capable and caring. We are quietly awesome, and we deserve to feel good about that.


Encouraging self belief and acceptance for 3-8 year olds. order your copy