“It is hugely important to me that children are able to connect with and understand their feelings.” 

Do you believe that understanding and accepting our emotional wellbeing is key to fostering a greater connection with yourself? Do you long to help the children in your life in this way, and enjoy using books as a way to create this connection and facilitate discussion?

Why not read on to explore the Katie-Jane book series – written to explore different concepts and to address some of the feelings that may surface surrounding them.

All of these books are written from the perspectives I have gained through my life and experiences with selective mutism, shyness, low self esteem and moving beyond my previous limitations. You can read more about the creation of who Katie-Jane is here>>>

"Am I a Chameleon?" being shy, fitting in, finding out who you are“Am I a Chameleon?”

A story about being shy, fitting in and finding out who you are.

When Katie-Jane meets a chameleon, she thinks she is just like him – until a bright and bold parrot comes along and stirs things up for her.

Join Katie-Jane on her fun adventure of self-discovery as she moves past being ‘shy’ to realise who she really is.

“Am I a Chameleon?” is available to buy as a softcover or digital book >>>


"Have You Seen My Tail?"“Have You Seen My Tail?”

A story about embracing change.

While Katie-Jane is bored and longing for change, she unexpectedly meets three animals who have suddenly transformed. Through the story, Katie-Jane reassures the butterfly, the frog and the snake that the changes they are experiencing are simply a part of their nature. In turn, the animals reassure her that the change she craves will come her way too.

“Have you Seen My Tail?” is available to buy in softcover or PDF >>>


The Cat Got My tongue“The Cat Got My Tongue!”

A story about communication and self-expression.

After finding herself speechless when asked a question in class, someone suggests that maybe the cat took Katie-Jane’s tongue. And so begins this adventure.

On her way Katie-Jane observes a rabbit, a hive of bees and a bird, who each communicate in different ways. Eventually the cat makes its appearance, and Katie-Jane makes some understandings.

“The Cat Got My Tongue!” is available to buy as a softcover or PDF book here >>>