Massive Katie-Jane book clear-out!

Parents, teachers, friends and family members,

I’d like to invite you to show the selective mute, highly sensitive or anxious child in your life that they are not alone. I wrote and illustrated the Katie-Jane books four years ago to give my inner-child a voice, as my young self had never really come to terms with the years of feeling confused, misunderstood and unable to express herself.

These books have since made it into hundreds of homes and schools around the world, but I printed many more, and sales seem to have come to a stand-still. It upsets me to see so many books still sitting in boxes inside my house, when they could be in schools, libraries and homes helping more children to feel accepted, understood and validated.


Can you help me to move these books toward the children who can benefit from their messages?

I have decided to offer the books I have left at little more than cost, as the most important thing for me is that these books find themselves a home where they can make an impact – and I have many other dreams and ideas to pursue.

Please have a look at the offers below, and consider purchasing books for yourself, or sponsoring a set for a local school …

Katie-Jane books about selective mutism

3 books for you | 3 books for your school

$23 including p+p (in New Zealand only) ORDER HERE >>>

Katie-Jane books about selective mutism

3 books for you or your school

$15 – NZ

$25 – Australia

$35 – rest of the world

* All prices include shipping

"Am I a Chameleon?" being shy, fitting in, finding out who you are

Am I a Chameleon

Just $10 including Worldwide shipping! ORDER HERE >>>

All these books must go, and once they have I will not be printing anymore. I do not know if they will take days, weeks or months to shift, but why not purchase a set at these amazing prices while they are still available?

Thanks so much for your amazing support!

Kat x