What do you see when you close your eyes? Or do you feel it like me …

“What do you see when you close your eyes?” 

What do you see when you close your eyes?Um, nothing. Blackness. Sometimes some indistinguishable furry shapes. Why? What do you see?

I was shocked when I first heard my partner Simon tell me what he could see. He could see all kinds of incredible scenarios, and zoom in and out to the minutest detail. He could visualise a scenario, and then decide he wanted a particular aspect to change – and his visualisation would immediately change to meet his requests.

Oh my. Why can’t I do that? There must be something wrong with me!

We all see the world differently

Many, many conversations later, Simon and I now realise that we experience the world in completely different ways. Simon is incredibly visual. He’s tried to get me to see things the way he does. He’s asked me countless questions in his quest to understand how I can possibly perceive the world without the visual capabilities that he has.

“Close your eyes and imagine you are stepping into a helicopter. What colour is that helicopter?”


“How do you know that? Can you see it?”

No – I just know. It’s blue.

“How do you know?”

It feels blue.

“Oh! Are there any other people in there with you?”

Yes, there’s four.

“Can you see them?”

No – but they’re there. I can feel their presence.


I don’t see things when I close my eyes. I can’t visualise what things will look like. I don’t experience the world in that way.

We all experience the world differently. Some people are visualisers – they can see how the world might look in the future. Some people are thinkers – those people use logic to move through life, and to think up new ideas.

I was born with an incredible sensitivity to feelings.

People like me move through life guided by our feelings. We move toward or away from places or decisions based upon the way they feel to us at the time. I haven’t really understood this in my life until recently – and because these feelings do not always make sense, I have often questioned myself. Hewever, I am learning that the more I trust myself, the more I am delighted by the things my feelings help me to create and attract into my life.

I’ve come to see being a ‘feelings’ person as both a blessing and a curse … it really depends upon how I’m feeling at the time.

In the next two weeks I will explore more in my blog about what it means to have a heightened sensitivity to feelings … what is it like to move through life based upon your feelings? What does it feel like to dull down that sensitivity to emotion due to overwhelm, and anxiety? How does it feel to reclaim that sensitivity and re-feel all that was once suppressed?

How do you experience life? Are you a visual person, a feelings person, or do you experience life in another way? I’d love to hear about it … please share in the comments below!

Am I a Chameleon


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